Friday, April 27, 2012

I headed back to the Willimantic river TMA hoping that most of the people who had been fishing there the last 2 1/2 months were on to greener pastures. I started at the abutment pool, there was a youger guy there with a kid he was trying to teach to fly fish at the tail out, I moved up to the very head of the pool and after a couple of quick tangles and a leader change, I managed to get 3 casts in a row were I wanted them. On number four a beautiful brown took my szie 16 caddis dry and gave a very good account of it's self.

I then moved down to the flat below the abutment pool and proceded to spook two decent fish with casts that got blown off target by poorly timed breezes. I managed a nice little brookie on the dry a bit later. About this time the sun came out full bore and the fish stopped feeding on top. I rerigged with a czech nymph point fly and a small caddis pupa dropper. I made only three cast and hooked and landed a nice little rainbow a few minutes later I hooked and lost a ncie fish that ran down stream quick. I managed to scape up one more trout from the tail out and decided to leave the two young fisherman to the pool. I drove down stream to a favorite access point to fish the middle of the TMA. I took quick water break and then headed off to the lower Bride pool, I had fished down thru the pool with a pair on nymphs with not even a bump. I then turned around changed the point fly to a sligtly lighter version of a caddis larva and started to work up stream using a yarn indicator( bobber) I had made it up about half way when Carl one of my friends showed up. I slowly fished the rest of the pool waiting for him to rig up. once riggered head fished the head of the pool and got two trout to show interest in a small caddis so I changed to a dry and we fish up under the bridge to the upper pool. we managed several fall fish and dace but not trout. Once thru the bridge we noticed a couple of fish rising just up into the pool. Carl got a quick refusal and told me to give it a try I cast to the spot and the fish took right away, it then proceeded to get me hung in a rock or log and I had to break it off. I retied and we fish up towards the head of the pool. Carl was ahead and to the bank side of the pool that way we could both fish with out crossing lines or drifts. About half way up the pool I noticed very many fish flashing along the bottom so I switched back to the czech nymph and dropper. First cast at the head of the pool I hooked a nice tiger trout and after a short fight unhoooked it, two cast later I hooked and landed a nice rianbow.

I called to Carl to come back down and I let him fish the slot they were holding in. after a couple of missed fish he broke off and deicded to switch to a soft hackle and ant. ( he has a great mthod of fishing ants subsurface). I hooked and landed one more brown and headed down towards the bridge casting then taking a step then casting again. Carl hooked up an landed a nice rianbow from the head of the pool. We worked out way back down under the bridge with neither of us getting any real action. Carl had to leave so I decided I would swing a pupa and soft hackle in the head of the lower pool an head out. an hour later after a couple missed hook sets and a nice fish lost to too much pressure on my end of the line I called it a day. Overall not a bad opening day # 37 if I do say so.

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