Sunday, March 25, 2012

weeeeere back on line

Well it has been almost 10 months maybe more since I posted anything, so I am back and will promise to post far more.
So I have actaully gotten out and fished for the first time this season. I got out on the Willimantic river in the trout managmant area on March 11th and then again March 18 both days were good. Weather was just awesome with bugs and trout cooperating. On the 11th everything came on nymphs and the fishing was just stupid easy I netted 19 lost two others in a little over 3 hours of fishing. My Bud Carl was banging them on top with  Stimulator.
On the 18th same spot I went on top and got 10 to net all on a sz16 stimulator once again beautiful weather. not bad for March. lets hop rain comes and we will have a great spirng.