Sunday, April 15, 2012

another great weekend

Well yesterday was the spring  fling at JTs fly shop and it was a good day weather wise so the people were out. Got to see some old Friends and made a couple of new ones. we had a lot of our suppliers there to so off the latest and greatest. as well as many tag sale people trying to unload some stuff. Cpt. Jack  from Jack hammer charters was there with his crew. a good time was had by all. Got to try a couple of new two handed rods that I am going to put a serious test to on May 5th at the Spey clave on the Farmington river.
I got a chance to get out to fish today, the flow was way down( no run off and no rain) the fish were there and active. I fished with one of the guys from the shop Lou between us we figured out what they wanted and got a few on a size 16 caddis. I managed a few until I lost the only sz 16 tan elk hair caddis fly I had on me. When I loaded the truck to head to the river I thought to myself I need to add a few boxes of dries and take out the big stones and buggers. I took out the boxes I wanted too and put in my early spring box with Hendricksons, red quills, paraleps and quill Gordons in it and the box with blues winged olives also. While i was int he closet I grabbed my box of caddis to put in the truck bag just in case. guess what they never made it to my vest,they were still on the shelf in my closet. Whenever we were able to get a good drift the fish would Take I struggled for a time trying to find something that would work, but I ended up going to nymphs( not that is a bad thing but the fish seemed to be looking up. I did manage 1 nice rainbow and a big sucker on a Czech nymph. The water is very low for this time of year and I pray we get some rain soon. all in all it was a good day to be out and a few fish cooperated. all in all a good day to be out.



  1. Glad you guys had a good weekend! Was installing windows so couldn't make it but wanted to. Glad your back!

  2. Glad you got some time on the water after a busy weekend. Spent the weekend turkey hunting with the kids, at the range and scouting so I couldn't make the fling. Sorry.