Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why fly fish?

This past winter some friends and I went up to Brunswick Maine for the fly fishing film tour show. There was an intermission and while waiting in line there was a father and son behind me, the son was about 13 years old. He asked his dad the question why do you fly fish. The dad gave the standard answer of the challenge, artistry and grace that is part of fly fishing. The dad must have noticed my hat or my t-shirt and asked you fly fish don’t you, I said yes I do. He then asked my why, I about repeated what he had said but I added what I think is my biggest reason for loving fly fishing so much.  I said it is the places fly fishing takes me and the people I have met and become friends with because if it.  There is an author I cannot recall that has a quote “trout don’t live in ugly places” and he is right. For the most part the places I have traveled to fish for trout or salmon have been beautiful.  One place that I have pictures of in my tying room and my office and have fallen in love with is the area around Quarryville New Brunswick Canada. It is on the Maramichi river where the Renous river enters it. There is a large broad pool about 200 yards wide by about 400 yards long, just above that is a short riffle that leads to a run that holds some of the best Atlantic Salmon in North America.  Another is one much closer to home it is on my home water and always brings a smile to my face no matter what time of year or day I come off the trail to see the old abutments, they are from a road that went thru the area in the 30’s and 40’s this area hold many nice trout. I have taken my 3 largest fish from this river here, While not wild or really all that different  than most of the rivers in the area the memories made here have made it special. Over the years I have met so many people that I have the addiction of fly fishing  in common with it would take a few days to remember them all an even then I would forget  someone. There are a few that stand out. My buddy Jeff who I first met salmon fishing on the Shetucket river in the mid 90’s and we remain good friends to this day. We don’t get to fish as often as we did but we still make a point to get out a few times and we spend several days steelheading each November. Jeff is the best wader I have ever seen. He can safely wade almost any place as long as he is not over his waders. He has a super human sense of balance and can remain centered in the heaviest flows.  Another is a man I met many years ago and just reconnected with in the last 4 years. He is a long time member of the local TU chapter and spends many hours volunteering doing cleanups and teaching. He knows some of the most secret spots on otherwise crowded rivers. He can tell a story better than anyone I know, even if you have heard it before it will hold your attention.  So while I like the grace and challenge of fly fishing it is the places I have been and people I have met that has not only made it fun but also part of my life.

                                             big water on Miramichi - I love this place

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  1. Well put Steve and I agree 100% with the people and places comments.

    Thanks for sharing and not just this story but your help and expertise that you have so graciously given me over the past two years.