Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekly report and newsletter

Well as it has been in the past couple of years rain is either feast or famine. Right now everything is getting dry. So be aware that when the water is low trout will be far more wary that normally at this time of year. Wade slow, wear drab colors, use a bit lighter rod/line if you have it , look for active fish so that you will not spook the whole pool or run by accidentally almost stepping on a trout. Look to deeper flows and water that has cover. Good luck and hope for rain. On another note I am tying flies at the May meeting of the western Mass fly fishermen’s at 7:00 PM Monday May 18th at the Chicopee elks club go to their web page and check them out.

Flow is at  44 CFS (), water clear
Water temps are 57 degrees in the Am rising to about 62 at 3 Pm.
Right now there are grey caddis,  very few Hendricksons (pink sz 12, sz 14 red quills)with small black caddis sz 18, mahogany quills(paraleps) sz. 18 , BWO sz 18.

flow is at 74 CFS (, water is clear
water temps are 57 in the morning rising to about 62 at 3 PM
 some small midges, Hendricksons and a few quill Gordon’s,  with little black caddis mixed as well.

Mount Hope:
Flow is at 17 CFS , water is clear
Water temps are 56 am to about 62PM
 small grey caddis. Hendricksons, look for small black caddis as well.

Flow is at 11 CFS , water is clear
Water temps 56 am to almost 63 in pm
Paraleps sz. 18, BWO sz 18,  gray caddis, look for egg layers in the afternoon.

Flow is at 329 CFS )
Temps are 58 to 67 flow is clearing
Should see some decent grey caddis sz 16 -18, BWO sz 18, tan caddis 18

Flow is at 79 CFS, flow is clear
Water temps are 58 in the am going up to 65 in pm
 there  tan caddis sz 18, paraleps sz 18.

What to use:
As always buggers sz 8-10 in black, olive or a thin mint will work well.  Streamers like 6-8 grey ghosts and black nose dace will work as well. Bow river buggers sz 6-8 will produce as well. For nymphs try black hares ears sz 14-16, Riffle stones sz 8 fished dead drift as always will take fish. For quill Gordons use a Quill Gordon Wet instead of regular dry.  For the Hendricksons remember the male and female look completely different. Makes are a full hook size smaller (14) and reddish brown, female is size 12 and a pinkish /tan color. With almost a week o emergence we will also see the spinner fall later in the afternoon, look for lazy rolling rises and hit them with a sz 12 rusty spinner.  The mahogany duns use a small red quill sz.18 and a sz.18 rusty spinner. For the caddis hatch use a sparkle pupa fished in the surface film. For the BWO a sz. 18 dry will work great. I
Shop droppings:
We have some nice used rods for sale 11’6” 6 wt. Two hander , Greys 9’ 4wt StreamFlex, TFO pro 9’6” 5wt. with prism reel and Airflo line. A couple of bamboo rods and several NEW Greys rods left 8’ 4wt, 8’6” 5 wt , 9’ 5wt , 9’ 6 wt in the GS 2 series, XF2 11’ 7wt, XF 2 6’6” 2wt, 9’ 8 and 9 wt. salt water rods. Stop in and check them out.

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