Thursday, April 23, 2015

Weekly fishing report

So Winter is back for a bit after all the rain earlier this week. Rivers were up for a good part of the week but are down and fishable again. We have been getting a ton of calls asking about the Hendrickson hatch – it has not really started yet. Water temps are just now reaching the point where they hold in the 50 + degree range so with some sun we may see them this weekend. Will keep everyone updated. Speaking of hatches : I have done a few presentations over the winter and have been doing my version of a hatch guide. The ONE biggest thing to remember is don’t just wait for dry fly action fish the whole hatch. Which means to nymph fish before the hatch starts, the larva are active for hours before the actually hatch. Use nymph patterns that look closer to the actual insect hatching and not just general patterns. Yes general patterns will work but one that looks like the actual bug will be better. Remember that the 3 keys are, presentation, pattern and habitat.

Flow is at 276 CFS (bit above normal), water clear
Water temps are 50 degrees in the Am rising to about 52 at 3 Pm.
Right now there are black and brown stones sz 16-18

flow is at 379 CFS ( about 75 -100 CFS above normal), water is clear
water temps are 48in the morning rising to about 52 at 3 PM
small stones black and brown sz 16-18, with some small midges mixed as well.

Mount Hope:
Flow is at 108 CFS (a bit high), water is clear
Water temps are 49 am to about 53 PM
Small stones and some small grey caddis.
The small pool by the fire house on rt 89, the RT 89 bridge and memorial park remain decent access points.

Flow is at 68 CFS , water is clear
Water temps 48 am to almost 52 in pm
Should have decent stones egg laying about now.

Flow is at 1200 CFS (this is about the limit of fishable high water)
Temps are 48 to 52 flow is clearing
Should see some decent grey caddis sz 16 -18, small stones

Flow is at 402 CFS, flow is clear
Water temps are 48 in the am going up to 52 in pm
Small stones and some scattered caddis

What to use:
As always buggers sz 8-10 in black, olive or a thin mint will work well. Small stone fly imitations in sz 16-18 to match the hatching stones ( dark brown/ black) . also try small dark wet flies later in the afternoon fished just under the surface upstream, this imitates the drown egg laying stones. Streamers like 6-8 grey ghosts and black nose dace will work as well. Bow river buggers sz 6-8 will produce as well. For nymphs try black hares ears sz 14-16, Riffle stones sz 8 fished dead drift as always will take fish. Remember this time of year fishing the seams is more important than any other. The feeding trout will be in this slower moving current where they can feed without expending the energy of fighting the fast current.  Also on larger pools where the current is moving faster than normal look for the back flowing current eddy on the outer edge, it will carry a ton of food to the fish and they don’t have to stress too much to feed there.

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